• Spicy Karela Fry, Kakarakaya Karam

    August 24th, 2010MammuVegetarian

    For those who dont like bitter taste of Karela, this recipe takes out the bitterness and gives a sweet and spicy taste. I like to eat this with mudda pappu/plain dal and ghee or pappucharu.


    1. Karela – 4, cut into thin circles (about 3 cups).
    2. Chopped onions – 1 cup
    3. Red chili powder – 2 tablespoons
    4. Salt – 1 teaspoon
    5. Turmeric – 1/2 teaspoon
    6. Garlic Cloves – 3
    7. Grated Jaggery – 1 tablespoon, Optional (You can substitute with sugar)
    8. Oil – 4 tablespoons
    9. Cumin seeds – 1/2 teaspoon
    10. Curry leaves – 10-15

    Cooking Procedure

    1. Grind together red chili powder, garlic, 3/4 teaspoon salt and keep aside.

    2. Heat oil in a wide bottom pan, add cumin seeds, curry leaves, let them splutter. Now add sliced karela pieces, remaining 1/4 teaspoon salt, turmeric and saute for 10 minutes under medium heat. Karela starts changing the color by this time. Now add the chopped onions and fry for another 10-15 minutes till karela pieces turn dark golden brown in color. Keep checking in between so that they wont turn black.

    3. Now add the red chili, garlic powder, mix well for about 1 minute. Add the jaggery, cook for 1 more minute and turnoff heat.

    Note: You can skip adding jaggery if you don’t like the dish to have some sweet touch.


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