• Vada, Garelu with Dill Leaves

    August 27th, 2010MammuTiffins/Breakfast

    This is one of my favourite breakfast item since childhood. For special occasions or when we have guests, this dish always come first in the menu. Olden days this is considered as a rich dish, both in nutrition and cost wise. I tried adding dill leaves to regular garelu recipe from my mom and they turned out really yummy with a nice flavor.

    Preperation Time: 40 Minutes
    Serves: Makes 12 Vadas

    1. Urad Dal – 1 Cup – Soaked in water over night.
    2. Chopped Dill leaves – 1/3 cup
    3. Chopped onion – 1/3 cup for vada and 1/4 cup for grinding.
    4. Chopped Ginger – 2 table spoons
    5. Green Chilies – 5, Finely chopped
    5. Water – 1/2 cup
    6. Salt – 1/2 teaspoon
    7. Oil – to deep fry

    Cooking Procedure

    1. Wash urad dal 3-4 times thoroughly with water. Drain all the water from urad dal, add 1/4 cup chopped onions and mix well. Grind to a coarse paste in small batches adding very little water(Do not add more than 1/2 cup water for the quantity in this recipe). Do not make it too smooth, vadas with get a nice texture if you can see small pieces of urad dal.

    2. Transfer to a bowl, add ginger, green chilies, dill leaves, salt and mix well.

    3. Heat oil in to deep fry vadas. Scoop about 3 table spoons of vada batter, make a round ball and place on a plastic paper, or wet cloth. Gently press with your fingers to make like a flat cookie, and make a hole in the center. Gently flip the vada on to your palm and slowly dip it in oil. Add about 4-5 vadas in a batch and deep fry till golden brown.

    Serve instantly with Peanut or ginger chutney.

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